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Originally Posted by Golden Tuna View Post
Well, now I'm throughly confused

The Valkyries that I got (2 Star, 1 Pro) fly WAY overstable, almost like my Orcs. Not what I was looking for...


Also found a Nova. The owner didn't want it back, so I've been playing around with that. Kind of a fun disc, but doesn't really fit into my lineup. If I were to use it, it would be for approaches. My beat in Pro-D Challenger already handles that responsibility well.
Some Star Valkyries come out overstable, especially relative to what you might be expecting. I have some fourteen Valkyries (long story as to why), and they run the gamut from Thunderbird-'ish' overstable to Sidewinder-'ish' understable. My 165g Star Valk is the most overstable of them all, even more than the 175g Champ Valks I own. Apparently the run just came out that way. I prefer Pro Valkyries now; at least they can be seasoned in more quickly.

As to the Nova, it's a great disc for warming up and seeing how you're throwing. The Nova is very telling if you're not throwing with good form. When I get wrist rollover, I take my Novas to the range (schoolyard) and work with them until they're flying straight and true. Then the rest of my throws with other discs during that session are much better.

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