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Originally Posted by Monocacy View Post
I believe there was considerable earth moved in construction of Parc des Familles, a John Houck course in a Louisiana cypress swamp.
"Considerable" describes it pretty well. Every inch of every fairway got 6-8" of sand. But none of it was mounding or anything like that -- not this time.

Undulations on the fairway probably have more of an impact in ball golf, since it's more of a ground-based game. But I do think we'll start seeing more earth-moving in the future.

As for par 72, I'm not sure we want courses with only four par threes. Or sport is deeply rooted in par threes, and we have the ability to make so many more interesting par threes. And we can still make good par threes where a driver is a good choice off the tee, which doesn't happen in ball golf.

I think the fewest I've ever done on one course was seven par threes, and I didn't have any desire to go lower than that, even when I could have. FWIW.

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