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Originally Posted by Erik.SR View Post
Looking the video I agree, weight immediately goes to outside of the sole. Of course I have no part in it, everything on front leg just happens.

My thoughts on McBeth's video: In the moment when disc is in front of us, my front knee appears to be bent out sideways. Hopefully that's impossible, so my kneecap is already looking at the target while foot is closed. Is this the moment I hurt my knee? Almost no twist in Paul's leg/knee but his shoe seems to slip/twist some during the throw, relieving the pressure? In the moment when disc is about to leave the hand, our leg angles (front heel to hip) seem similar (to me), my upper body is basically upright while Paul has forward tilt. Then we both throw nad pivot, momentum carries Paul forward while I have nothing left and fall back. How do I end up being balanced on front leg? Take shorter step into brace while keeping upper body upright or keeping leg angles and having more forward tilt?
I think your front knee is bending out that way because you aren't committed to your balance/posture and weightshift from behind. You let your front knee/femur go forward/turn it out before all your weight shifts. You need to stick your front foot/leg into the ground like a running back changing direction quickly. Paul's front femur/knee is turned further back than yours, he's committed to shifting from behind and the foot pivot happens naturally when you are dynamically balanced on it. I wouldn't say you are balanced on your front foot in the finish, your left leg is going out and around to the left teepad counter to your torso leaning over off balance to the right teepad.

I think a camera from behind the tee will show your balance more behind your front heel, planting into too staggered closed stance which prevents you committing to turning the femur further back going into a less staggered stance with your balance more over front instep to shift into the heel.

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