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Originally Posted by DiscFifty View Post
Good call on the Covid concerns. Fwiw... Re: Innova, I live down south so no need for seasonal plastic, but I think most would agree GStar is the gripper/gummier plastic and seems to be favored during colder/winter play. Champion / Star otherwise.
So along those lines, is GStar going to be trash when it gets warm? Or is it fine and just not quite as durable?

I might also be vastly overestimating how much I will want to play when it is cold, given that it's often windy when cold here as well.

Maybe for now I'll just go with the more durable stuff due to all the trees we've got (and the wind, meaning I'm going to hit plenty of them) and just use my old DX stuff if I somehow decide cold-weather play sounds least until I decide I'm serious enough to have seasonal bags.

I bit the bullet and just ordered 4 cheap discs (a couple used, a couple x-outs) Innova Star & Champion Leopard3 (to compare those 2 types of feel), Dynamic Lucid Vandal (the people who have shops in the general area here seem to like these and stock a bunch of them so I think if I like them I could have plenty of opportunity to buy them in person), and an MVP Neutron Photon (because in everything I've been looking at, the double-mold they use seemed to be the most "this is different than other discs" thing that I found, and I'm curious to see how it feels).

Also it's cold enough here now that I should get a good feel for whether any of them are just awful in the cold weather, but plenty of time that whatever I like I can start building a bag before the weather turns nice and at least have something to use when I inevitably smash all my old DX discs into trees.

Thanks everyone for the advice!
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