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I got my discs in the mail today and went outside, in the aftermath of a blizzard, just to see how they felt. Hands down the winner was the Leopard3 Star. The Champion, Neutron, & Lucid plastics just felt like they were flying out of my hand uncontrollably in the cold (admittedly it's a bit colder than I'm likely to play in, but the Star plastics just felt much nicer in my hands). Even just standing inside and holding the discs, I could tell I liked the grippier feel of the Star plastic. Planning to order some Innova discs, about half Star & Gstar.

Everything I've read sounds like both Star & Gstar are still pretty darn durable even though they aren't the super hard plastic, which is important with all the narrow alleys of trees where I typically will end up playing.

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