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Originally Posted by DiscFifty View Post
If you're digging the feel of Star, maybe just purchase a single GStar disc to see how it feels. I think there is a big difference between the feel of GStar vs Star plastic. I've had better distance with Star, but prefer the grip G*.
I've got a couple of each coming (well technically 2 G* and 1 Star because I already have 1 Star), if only because while the star felt much better than the others, I'm going to want the additional grip that G* offers in the cold even if I don't like it quite as much as the Star for some reason (either distance or just feel). I've got a fairway driver and midrange coming in both (different discs, just those rough categories). Then from that I figure I'll know what I prefer when I start replacing my existing old plastic that's inevitably going to get smashed up on trees (or die due to old age at this point).

I'm hoping to get a better test done when it gets warm to see if the Champion is something I'd like better when my fingers aren't being frozen. I'm not likely to have seasonal bags at this point, but since I already got a couple harder plastics, I might as well see how I like them in better weather.

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