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Originally Posted by Melonhusk View Post
Yeah, whenever I'm struggling with late releases it seems like this is at the root of it.

The power was mostly there I think, but man did I have a lot of early releases. I caught myself a few times getting too much over my toes, failing to do this:

but towards the end of the round, I think I was pretty much just gassed and I was late releasing everything. Then I tried a few times to get a good drive on the finishing hole and pulled everything, trying too hard.
Almost all of my early releases are when I'm rounding too much. If I concentrate (during practice) on pulling the disc in tight to my chest, in a straight line, the discs shoots out and is almost never early released. I think the very nature of rounding, where the disc is out way in front of your chest with at least a foot or more of space (and your arm is straighter than it should be, never getting to a 90 degree bend) can cause you to early release because the disc is off the line, to the left of the line (RHBH) and will shoot off to the left side, often early.

One way to make sure you're not rounding, and that the disc gets pulled into your chest area tight (bent elbow 90 degrees) is to slow down that early part of the throw, from the X step to the initial pull through, just like I mentioned above. When you slow down that part, getting the disc to come into your chest and getting your elbow bent is a lot easier because everything is moving slower.

You can speed things up later when you get the timing right. Right now I'm concentrating on a slower x step and initial pull to make sure I'm doing the fundamentals correctly, just as HUB noted in that video I posted above, and seeing success. Once I get the timing down perfectly and it becomes second nature is when I will add the speed back.
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