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Originally Posted by Brychanus View Post
For forehands, I have a few Buzzzes and Undertakers (and already love them for BH). Any favorite resources for newbie FH advice to get up to 200' safely w/ good technique? I have a minor shoulder issue and I want to take it slow. I've seen the Stokeley vids, Ulibarri, and similar, but I really need help as someone who never learned to throw a sidearm baseball or similar technique properly. I always feel like my lower and upper body aren't connected and it puts weird torque on my body. Can move it to a form review once I get a bit underway w/ beginner best practices.
I've only been at this since late August, but I played baseball for 10 years as a kid, so I'm far more comfortable with my forehand than my backhand. When I first started working on it, though, I had a bit of discomfort, and it always felt jerky. I found these videos, and particularly the field work suggestion in the second vid, helpful for smoothing out my motion and getting rid of most of that jerky feeling. It seems like a waste of time while you're doing it, but I do think it helped me. I return to it every once in a while when things start to feel out of whack again.

I like Stokely, too. In one of his videos, he talks about the elbow only needing to be just barely in front of the wrist. Don't kill yourself trying to make your arm look like Eagle's. The more you can get the elbow to lead, the better, but it's not all that important to us mere mortals.
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