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Default Premium plastic mid lineups

Hey dudes,

I'm looking at possibly replacing a KC/DX Rancho Roc cycle with premium plastic mids. Presently I'm not far invested in the cycle and have a beat KC, some DX, and a comet and possibly mortar as US/OS bookends.

Alternatively I'm thinking of bagging a tursas as an US mid and one of the following two lineups:

TP Tursas 174g
Star Mako3 175ish g
Star 175ishg or beat champ 180g Roc3, cycle in the star maybe
Mortar or the like


TP Tursas 174g
Ti Buzzz 175ish g / a BuzzzSS+Buzzz combo
Mortar or the like, possibly a BuzzzOS+zone combo

My fairways are speed 6-7 innova and my driving putters are judges, shields or pures, if that matters.

I don't see a clear advantage of one over the other, aside from the fact that the leaps in stability are possibly more evenly spaced between mortar / roc3 / mako3 / tursas vs the possible overlap between beefy Z buzzz / buzzzSS / tursas. I think if anything the idea of slimming down to a tursas / beefy buzzz / mortar sounds the nicest. Thoughts?
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