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Chain high and on the way down

OK here's a concept that offers you a great variety of practice. And you can do it almost anywhere.

What range is it that you typically say to yourself – better lay up, don't want to run too far past? Is it 30-40' 50-60? 100+?

As you develop your putter/Mid range disc skills, you will find an increasing number of things that you can make them do. When you first start and you learn to deal with the inherent stability of golf discs, you may learn to zing it a bit in order to make it fly straight. Your most comfortable flight line choices are variations on flat flights that finish a little left, or sharp little hyzer shots you force to finish left.

One common result is a tendency to play firm “pokey” shots at the target when you get to that transition range – and you end up running past the basket on those 20-30' putts –

20-30' leaving with you with an equally challenging comeback putt. Or at some point (let’s say 50' for the sake of discussion) you decide it's much safer to lay up than to run at chains, because you fear the come backer.

When you’ve reached this part of your game, people generally do one of a couple things; either they teach themselves a new way to make the disc behave, or they stick with what they’ve got and monopolize their time on becoming more consistent within this "comfort range", to the exclusion of much actual target practice outside that comfort range.

The concept is as it says it is. Every time your disc gets to the basket it’s chain high and on the way down. The unfortunate piece of this advice is that you have to discover all the ways to make this happen yourself. Because there’s a ton of different ways to do it, and plenty of viable disc choices.

Think of it this way. When you're putting well, the optimum motion of a made putt is the disc going through a vertical decline within the target boundaries, at a moderate speed. This should be a reproducible motion from at least 100 feet. It’s just that the distance from the basket and the various obstacles forces you to create variable lines to the target. These are the ones you have to discover.

So take your putter and your mid and play wide little hyzer shots that are moving across the face of the target as they finish. Play high nose down anhyzer shots that parachute a little left to right through the target zone. Make up your own – FH/BH doesn’t matter. Chain high on the way down – is all that matters. When you play chain high and on the way down for everything other than a competitive round, you’ll teach yourself how to adopt a confident go-for-it attitude, and still leave yourself an easy comeback when you miss. Eventually – if it's high enough – it's in.

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