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Originally Posted by DavidSauls View Post

But currently, younger kids play with the same size discs, but can play with much lighter ones (lightest I've seen was 95g). They throw at the same size targets, but at the juniors tournaments I've seen, much shorter holes.

Is that enough, or do they need smaller diameters too? I don't know. I've seen kids doing fine with those, and am not sure they'd do much better, or get hooked much more, with smaller discs.

Then there's a chicken/egg question: Are there enough kids playing to justify smaller legal discs? Would there be more kids playing, if the discs were available, thus justifying the change? I don't know, either.
These are valid points. I do not know if smaller diameter is the silver bullet, I think it deserves experimenting. I just know that the options currently available leave a lot to be desired. I also donít know if terrible disc flight is limiting youth participation, or if it is just the phase the sport is in where not a lot of kids want to play regardless of their ability to throw the disc.

Time to buy a 3D printer and just find out.

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