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Default Help to build a bag

Hello. I am thinking what discs i need in my bag and what not. Now i am using discs in the bottom of the text.
If you see something is missing or not nessesary say it. And also what you reccomend to try!
I need help because i want to establish my bag and cant figure it out by myself. I am a fan of trilogy so only dd, ws or latitude discs. I want also so less as possible disc molds. Usually i have mid-ranges weight 174g and 176g. Drivers weight i have are 174g and 172g.
My averange distance is about 300ft.
Thank you!

i had p2 and now thinking about pure.

Harp bt-medium (very straight and fade in the end. So it is really beated. Use to 200ft.)
Harp tournament (same but very overstable)
? (Really straight or little understable harp is disc i want. Maybe pure do that? Which plastic?)
Tursas vip (for huge anhyzers)
Claymore opto line (was my favourite disc but dont use it much nowadays)
? (I want s-curce mid-range. Claymore and compass both dont come back when throwing anhyzer. Maybe just more training whit them..? And maybe other od them is not nessesary?)
Compass opto line (straight, anhyzers, and little fade. Like a longer harp to 250ft.)
? (I need a disc to In the wind conditions and more overstable than compass. Maybe emac truth or bard? I have bard but it feels little too overstable.)

Seer tournament (for big anhyzers)
Striker gold and opto line (straight and s-curve shots)
Culverin opto line (for wind and hyzers. Or throwing in flat and agressive fade in the end.)

Thumber and forehand rollers:
Longbowman tournament

This are disc i think to try: saint pro, flow, escape, truth, pain, mace, renegade and medius.

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