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Default Paul Mcbeth Luna review

I've been checking YouTube daily, Google searching for something more in-depth than just throwing in a field with no comparison. Well, the weather was finally not wet and or freezing so I took a few discs out to the football field at lunch and this is my thoughts and review of the Luna.

I took 2 Luna 173- 174g, 2 S-line P2, 1 Innova Nova, and 1 Innova Star Rat, The wind was blowing hard. According to the google, it was 18MPh I think it was a little harder than that. Either way, these are the results. The wind was blowing left to right or right to left depending on the end zone I threw from.

The Luna didn't seem phased by the wind. Thrown hard and flat with spin it tracked Laser straight, I'm talking frozen tight rope straight. I measured one of the throws at 271ft which was probably about the average distance I was getting. I had a few that may have gone 5ft or so further or shorter. As a thrower the Luna is MONEY....PERIOD

The P2's have been my putter for 2 years now and I couldn't get much more than 250... MAYBE, and that was on a fantastic throw. The P2's are hypersensitive to the wind and the power I put on them. Sometimes it might have gone KIND of straight or right but nothing consistent no matter what I did. WINNER LUNA

The Nova is my normal approach disc and one that took me a long time to throw to dial in. I now throw further and way smoother because of the Nova. So it has a special place with me. In no wind, I can get laser straight lines with 0 fade out to 250ft no problem. Today though the Nova was completely useless, it might as well been a kite. It's also more sensitive to torque compared to the Luna. Again the Luna is the clear winner, better in the wind, and easier to throw ( less sensitive)

The last disc that I took out was my Star Rat. I figured its the utility mid that I use to putt in the wind or when I need HARD fade. The rat flew overall fantastic when thrown completely flat, it flew with either very minimal or no turn at all. The throws that weren't flat were completely different, the wind exaggerated the fade and the rat would crash HARD! I even had it go 150 ft, the find pushed it down, it landed on edge and the proceded to roll backward toward me about 50ft. Yeah, it was that windy. The Luna's slow to no fade meant at worst case the drifted 10 feet left or right depending on the wind. NOexagerated dumps when not thrown completely flat. The Luna didn't penalize the nonflat throw as much as the Rat.

This is the most surprising thing to me. The Luna's were easily every time, and I mean every time further than the Rat. This really surprised me, I didn't expect that in the wind. I can throw the rat with a power grip full out and the Luna I throw with more of a fan grip that I throw Putters with. Somehow they out glided the Rat I guess, either way, the Luna's won the day as a thrower.

Nothing that I brought flew as far or as straight and as consistently as the Luna. On a calm day, the Nova will go laser straight but would be about 30ft short at least.

Now as a putter. I putt S-line p2, I have for over 2 years. I love the grip and within 20 feet-ish I have no problems, 25 ish, for the most parts I don't have a problem but every now and then I have a habit of hitting the front/top of the cage... an inch too low.

The Luna are STIFF (insert inappropriate joke here) and that's coming from someone used to putting S-line plastic so that is taking some getting used to. However, the Luna flight straighter, and stay in the air longer when compared to the P2. I'm hitting center pole easier at the same range compared to the P2, at longer range I'm still hitting chains with the Luna's when the P2 is hitting front cage unless I add more power or throw higher and let them fall down into the basket/ pole.

Long story short, I'm 99% sure the Nova is coming out of the bag as my shorter/ straight approach disc, and I'm about 99% sure the P2's are coming out as my main putters.

Overall Paul McB and Discraft did their thing with the Luna's...

One last thing. As an upshot disc the Nova with the rubber over mold STOP on a dime, no slide, no skip. The Luna's seem to slide about 2 to 3 disc lengths more compared to where the Nova would have hit the brakes. The Luna's with the rubber blend, however, do slide probably less than half the distance of other harder plastics like S, D, DX etc.

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