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Originally Posted by Slayton25 View Post
Anyone out there that can rank the stability of The different years of Koling Thundy’s? Also, could you please include where current runs of Champ, Star, Color Glow, Luster and metal flake fit in?
From my experience, the first Koling ThBs are really flat and the most overstable. Last year's Kolings were a lot domier and less overstable; this year's were in between the two. As far as stock stamps, I think luster are the most overstable, followed by champ/glow/color glow, then star. I haven't thrown MF, but I imagine it would be in the champ category.

I typically bag at least 2 ThBs, and right now it's a luster and '19 Koling. I've thrown both for most of this season and they complement each other perfectly. The '19 Koling flips up a bit, but thrown flat it just goes dead straight for 90% of the flight. The luster can take any amount of power I give it and goes forever. It has a lot more fade, which I like; I imagine it flies similar to how PDs are flying these days. If you have DX or Pro ThBs and want another for more overstable shots, champ/luster/glow/MF are going to be what you want to go with. My personal preference is luster because it's basically champ plastic but a little grippier and the ones I have are flatter.
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