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We're pretty similar in arm speed and disc selection, so I can't offer many new ideas for you, but more can validate your current choices! Here's my bag, I've knocked things down to 10 molds (max weight unless otherwise noted):

  • K1 Berg - approach workhorse, mainly placement flicks
  • 400 PA1 - backhand putter drives when more stability is needed
  • 400 PA4 - backhand putter drives when less stability is needed
  • P-line P2 - actual putting. I'll swap to X-line if it's freezing out

  • 171g P-line MD3 - hyzerflip to turnover
  • Glow MD3 - straight to fade
  • C-line MD3 - straight to fade but a lil more beef
  • Star Caiman - approach/driving flicks that need to reach a bit further than the Berg
  • Champ Caiman - pretty much a backup for the Star Caiman

  • 167g D-line FD - hyzerflip to extreme turnover
  • P-line FD - hyzerflip to turnover
  • S-line FD - pretty straight
  • Nightstrike II FD - straight but with some fade
  • 2 Royal Rage FD2s - when I need more stability and fade than the FDs provide, also great for flicks

  • 171g Star Roadrunner - hyzerflip to turnover long drives
  • Champ Roadrunner - hyzerflip to flat
  • 2 (166g/167g) Pro Wraiths - hyzerflip to turnover long drives
  • 2 168g Star Wraiths - full flight, flip up to slight turn, fade back
  • 171g Madison Walker Wraith - most overstable driver

Somewhat recently abandoned slots - CD2 and FD3/Firebird. Found I wasn't using them enough to justify bagging them. Other discs can do their jobs when needed - I can usually stretch an FD/FD2 to do what the CD2 does, and most of the courses around me don't have ground to allow for skip shots I'd want out of the FD3/Firebird, and can just disc up to one of the Wraiths if I needed the overstability. I flick the Royal Rages better than I ever flicked FD3/Firebird.

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