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Originally Posted by Jugular View Post
So putter, approach, mid, mid driver, fairway, control, distance? Starting to get to be a long list. I do think these might be more useful than speed ratings and help distinguish those discs with different flight characteristics that sit on border speed ratings.

Sorry what was your point about the pros? They use P&As rather than P&As and Putters? Or they used Putters rather than P&As and Putters?

I was looking at the Inbounds inFlight guide to get a better feel for the flight characteristics of discs I know, compared to discs people talk about. Obviously this is not going to be perfectly scientific (for one it doesn't account for the different effects of more spin vs more speed). Are they considered valuable by at least some DGers?

I spotted that the Classic Aviar is just dead straight. I haven't seen other putters with that same flight path and wondered whether: a) is this flight path true of the Classic Aviar, b) are there some putters with the same flight path that I'm missing, c) why isn't this the ideal putter, since fade obviously makes a putt less accurate.
Flight charts and speed rating and flight numbers are not precise, or often even accurate. There are many discs with the neutral flight of a classic Aviar, but all discs will fade at low speed. There is no need to categorize discs as you propose at the beginning of your post. As long as they do what you need, it shouldn't matter what the label says.
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