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Originally Posted by Jugular View Post
I find that my Mako3s have virtually no fade at all even at low speed, it doesn't seem unlikely that the same would be the case for other discs, even putters. Do you have any suggestions of some discs that share the neutral flight of a classic Aviar?

So if I ask the question "I want a disc that let's me get from 150' out onto a precarious green" you suggest I should ignore the label and just trial discs from all categories and speeds to see which one works as a disc for that purpose? There are a lot of discs out there to choose from, not to mention plastic types, stamps, colours and runs (which all supposedly make a difference). Tools to narrow the field of inquiry seem eminently useful, if not essential.
There are dozens of discs equally equipped to get you from 150' out onto a precarious green. Obviously drivers (though they would work too) will be slightly more difficult to finesse. Any putter and most mids would be excellent. The only thing that's essential is practice.

Given a chance (height), a Mako3 will fade plenty, as will all other golf discs. I have a beat up lightweight Polecat that will helicopter to the ground almost like an ultimate disc, but that flight is uncommon and not particularly useful in disc golf. There are dozens of discs with a flight as neutral, or more so, than a Mako3, including many many putters.

The specific discs are unimportant. I, for example throw backhand and forehand; straight, straight to fade, hyzer-flip, flex, turnover, anhyzer, spike hyzer, skip, distance roller, cut roller, distance thumber, skip thumber, tomahawk, and grenade. I am able to accomplish all of these throws to the limit of my skill with about eight discs. No additional discs could improve my score, and I could replace any of my discs with any of dozens of molds from any manufacturer in a heartbeat.
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