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Wow, everything about your post is almost too similar to me!

I too play mainly wooded courses, i throw almost exactly the same distances you do both max and with the different speeds of discs and my most common release angle is a slight hyzer. And guess what my bag is?

Putting: K3 reko

Throwing putters: beaten k3 reko for turnovers, k1 glow reko for straight, k2 berg for shorter straight bh and fh (mine is beaten in - no turn and almost no fade), Z flex zone for overstable bh and forehand shots.

Mids: beaten Big Z comet for turnovers, beaten crowned eagle md3 for straight hyzerflips, newer and domier crowned eagle md3 for straight to reliable small fade. Also trying out a Method here for more overstable mid but I'm having trouble releasing it cleanly on forehand.

Speed 7: Pinnacle Patriot (legacy) for big turnovers, glow FD for straight hyzerflips or slowly turning shots (also very good disc for long straight standstill shots), colow glow FD2 for straight to fade (I have many other discs that work just as well backhand but the FD2 is the best feeling disc I've ever tried when it comes to forehand).

Speed 9: beaten s-line CD2 for turnovers, newer gummy s-line cd2 for straight shots, beaten roaming thunder 1 CD2 for straight to fade (also flies very well forehand - but the dome makes it not quite as nice to grip), Lucid Felon for overstable (I have a Doombird3 FD3 that might take over when winter is over, but as of now it is more stable than I need)

Distance drivers: Pro wraith for turnovers, beaten flat star Wraith for straight, newer domier Star wraith for straight to fade. I the winter I do not use these distance drivers.

I have tried alot of discs and most of the ones I use now are pretty much set. I really love the reko both for putting and throwing, the berg is extremely important for my scores and the zone is pretty much perfect for what I use it for.

For mids I'm loving the colow glow md3s. I have thrown some of my best shots with the comet - I only wish it was slightly grippier in the cold. Probably staying though. The only slot here I'm unsure about is a more overstable mid and if I even need one.

Fairways I love FD, FD2 and most of all CD2. The CD2 is probably my favourite disc overall together with md3. My Patriot is great for turnovers (works better than beaten in S-line FD and G-line FD for me) but its only just this one Patriot I have. The other ones I have are more stable and not quite as nice.

Distance drivers I'm set on wraiths. They are just the right rim width for me and I have them in different stabilities for everything I need.
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