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Context: I play in NC woods mostly, close to 50/50 BH and FH. My Ballistas get a lot of use on open courses and my mids and putters do most of the wooded course work with the drivers in-between used mostly for FH and for really OS/US stuff. No idea what my average distances are, but 350' might be a safe bet. 400' is my ceiling when I'm really on it with a good max D rip. I throw with a mostly Swedish style form so just about everything is hyzer-flipped. I play a lot of "Safeton golf" due to emerging FH opening up lots of L>R hyzers.

Max Distance:
172 Opto BALLISTA PRO - Ok headwind fighter, flex D
173 RGL BALLISTA PRO - Bomber. Less touchy than the regular Ballista, this just sails straight and drifts right forever.
173 Opto BALLISTA - finesse Bomber. I like to throw this on turnover distance lines.
168 VIP KING - Uphill D, turnovers, rollers, tailwind rider.

Controlled Distance:
174 C-PD - go-to FH and stable flights. Classic TeeBird straight to fade flight.
170s Ti UNDERTAKER- Straight to slightly understable. Very straight FHs.
172 Z HEAT - BH Line shaper, very neutral. Good for finesse FHs and turnover FHs. Great disc.

Fairway Drivers:
169 CH. EX - Stable, typical S-curving Eagle flight. Thrown a lot more for placement than attacking.
168 Star EX - BH/FH line shaper. Good turnover FW driver.
174 TP SEER - flippy as *$%#, rollers, FH turnovers/rollers
175 Quantum DRACO - OS, FH rollers, thumbers, etc.

173 ESP MALTA - Nebula-X basically. Goes straight and dependably fades.
174 ESP NEBULA - Straighter than any Buzzz could dream of being. Lasers off of hard throws, subtle hyzers powered down.
173 Opto-X FUSE - Powered down straight shots. Great for long wooded tunnels and downhill holes.
176 OPTO FUSE - Essential US woods threader. Probably my favorite understable "driver."

170 Neutron ION - Spin putter, some straight throws/drives.
166 DX POLECAT - magical floaty stuff
175 N ENVY - Hard throwing putter, windy putts, FH very straight.
(Lost my A2 so I'm lacking an OS putter and filling the gap with an Anvil/Justice which are fun but not my preference)
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