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Originally Posted by BrotherDave View Post
Oh God damn, we're gonna turn this into a third wave feminism thread, aren't we? People it's pretty simple, if someone wants to invest their time and money to produce more women's disc golf content there is nothing stopping them. Women, men, really smart gorillas, other sentient beings with opposable thumbs, etc are all open to doing their thing. I'd love to see more FPO coverage because the field has a lot of good players and there is decent parity now but I'm just one dude. You can't force people to care about or watch FPO just like you can't force people to go to WNBA games. If the entertainment value is there people will support it. Otherwise it will just have to take a backseat in clicks and views to MPO until such a time when there are a lot more women in DG as a whole to provide the grassroots base for viewership.

Instead of whining about patriarchy and prejudice people should spend more time encouraging mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, girlfriends, etc to play and get the bug like we have. Start women's only clinics, etc. There is no magic bullet that solve everything, it all has to grow organically from all over. Hopefully that Disc Golf Dame can plant the seed for women's DG coverage and grow it from that angle. If they do it well all we can do is support them.
Remember, this started with someone looking to support such things, and someone calling them out for political pandering and someone else saying they might be creepy. I'm simply saying, bugger off, if someone wants to do something that has a good end result, we don't need a political or social commentary.

I just don't understand the need to look at things folks do in the most negative interpretation as opposed to the most positive?

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