Thread: [Dynamic] Why is the Judge so popular?
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Originally Posted by Three Putt View Post
It makes me worry about the business of selling discs and how fickle we are. We had A LOT of player go full Dynamic or all-Trilogy in the last five-six years that have quickly switched away from it. It's seems anecdotally like a massive market shift overnight based on...what exactly? Paul McBeth? It seems weird since Paul McBeth wasn't a Trilogy player, so the trilogy fanboys switched brand alliance to follow a player they were not following before? Weird. It seems like they would dump Discraft for some new flash in the pan in a few years. It's kinda hard to build a business based on a base of customers that are that fickle.
Maybe it's best for players AND for manufacturers to keep trading top player sponsorships every 3 or so years. That way they have that instant hype when the player moves, have a couple years to build up a following, then when it starts going stale they get a new player to hype up their existing or older stuff and make a few new molds for.

I mean I throw what works well for my arm so it doesn't matter to me, but I can't believe the amount of Discraft I've seen on the course this year. And so many Kongs/Zeus already out there when many people don't have the arm for those or Destroyers. I mean the Zones/Buzzzes make sense for lots of bags but they have been around for so long without being so visible, and the Kongs really show the new driver marketing strength.

To be fair to the Judge, it does feel fantastic and it's super neutral for being a beaded putter. It makes sense why people jumped to it immediately just from a disc/mold standpoint.
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