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Originally Posted by brutalbrutus View Post
There is a graphic they use for golf that would be pretty cool but also probably unrealistic for DG. The spray chart overlay for every teeshot on a hole for the entire field and then they're color coded by score.

That isn’t unrealistic, that’s likely adding one more person to a production staff. The technology already exists elsewhere and it’s an expansion on follow flight which is already in use so why that would be a huge stretch is a mystery to me. Not like they’d have to invent and develop the tech from scratch. I mean it’s basically follow flight + UDisc = kick ass data outlay.

These are the types of expansion I’d expect to see in the next year simply *because* it’s data rich (nerds like me love it) and not far outside what people are already doing. If Jomez can streamline the follow flight technology to be less time consuming this could be a no brainer, as the majority of that data is already on UDisc.

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