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Originally Posted by Olorin View Post
I think it would be helpful to set some parameters to this discussion...
Can we assume that Skill level pars are only set on courses of the corresponding skill level?

I think that if a Red or Green level course is used for discussion then that will show that using Gold level par is not appropriate. There are more Red level courses out there, but Green level courses show this even better.
Red level ratings = 825 to 874 with 850 PR at the center
Green level ratings = 775 to 824 with 800 at the center
I think I do need to clarify that I am talking about 900 rated players in relation to par set for 900 rated players. Of course 900 rated players will have a tough time getting par set for 1000-rated players.

As thing stand now, it turns out that 1000-rated players will typically get as many scores over par as under par against par set for 1000-rated players. Should 900-rated players also typically get as many scores under par and over par for 900-rated players, or should they get more scores over par than under par?

By parameters, I mean something different than in most other methods. In CRP, for example, the length of the throw off the tee will be a different parameter for each skill level.

For my method, it's a given that we would use the scores of 900-rated players to set par for 900-rated players. But, should we bother to apply a different formula to those scores?

Specifically, for 1000-rated par, the formula is to call it a par 3 if at least 45% of players get a 3 or better.

For 900-rated players to be able to score above and below par equally we would only call a hole a par 3 if 58% of players got a three or better. This also makers their average scores as near 900-rated par as 1000-rated players are to 1000-rated par.

This change of 45% to 58% - on top of using 900-rated scores - is what I'm questioning.

As it turns out, the 58% parameter is good for all skill levels from 930 down. So, at least there would only be three sets of percentages.

Another way to phrase it is, are at least 76.7% of 1000-rated player throws effectively errorless by 1000-rated standards, but at least 83.3% of 900-rated player throws are errorless by 900-rated standards?

If you want to assume that the skill-level pars are to be set for only courses designed for the appropriate skill level, go ahead. I don't really believe in that. I see every skill level play every course, so I would like pars for all skill levels on very tee sign.

Go ahead and discuss for pink, green, or red, too. The same philosophical questions still apply.
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