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Originally Posted by discdug View Post
150 class RULES!!!!!!!!!!!
Yup, it does. My entire bag is 150 class: putters, mids and drivers.
I feel that the pros of 150 class outweigh the cons for my particular style of play.
Originally Posted by discdug View Post
Question is did I stumble across something that is more suited for my style or does all the 150 class disc perform like this. Little effort, very forgiving, lots of glide, very controllable.
If you feel that it is very controllable then yes, you are getting great results because it is suited for your style. If you find that the discs are really long but too squirrely then you are seeing a distance benefit solely because of the weight.

I don't think 150 class is very forgiving (compared to same molds in max weight) but that's exactly why I like it. It forces me to be better and learn good technique.

Very controllable? It kind of depends on how you define it. If you define controllable as "always goes where I want it to" and you throw like a torque-monkey, then NO; 150 class will not be "controllable" for you. If you define controllable as "tiny input variables can have bigger results in disc flight" then YES; 150 class is more controllable.

Because they weigh less, it doesn't take as forceful of an input to make it go as far, to make it respond, or to torque it off line. I like this aspect because ***if you master your technique*** then 150 class will open up some interesting new doors. But you have to have good technique (or the patience to learn good technique) or else you will probably get too frustrated to stick with it. I went with the patience route and y skillset has definitely benefitted.

Heavy stuff has some distinct advantages but not enough make me switch.

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