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I think what's clear here is that you are into your art and your dojo, and you're trying to make a connection to a newer passion--disc golf.

I had years at the instructor level of both aikido and iaido, so I know how far a chasm you are trying to bridge here. If you're referencing the sweet spot of a well-executed technique -- the "hit"-- you have an analogy, nothing more.

The heart of a martial art is that you must work with what uke gives you. In disc golf your partner is inert and in your hand as you grasp it. That's very, very different.

I appreciate that you understand that uke, the "attacker", is playing a role, and that his half of the training demands that he protect himself by taking a safe fall. This is without doubt one of the most valuable bits of repetitive training in a close-quarter martial art.

There is essentially no disc golf to be learned from these videos. Martial arts-wise I would offer that the irimi (entering) movement is convincing, but that the shihonage itself is stylized and weak. It is probably just as well not to clearly show that technique in its full potential, because there is no pretty fall out of it.
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