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Originally Posted by aajpity View Post
I am a RHBH player that throws 350'-400' max depending on disc. I am by no means a power thrower. I currently bag a Volt as my go-to driver and love it for most shots. I also have an Insanity which is a nice faster understable compliment.

I was using the Fission Photon but I'm not pushing it much further than a Volt (I have my best throws with the Volt) and it's not working as a good wind fighter. So I am in need of some recommendations for a Speed 10 that can fight the wind and still give me some nice distance. I am not married to a specific company so anything is fine.

I was looking at getting an Orc. It seems to be what I want but not sure. I have tried the Predator in the past but I didn't click with it.
Orc, Starfire, Avenger, PD...

Orc can't be wrong; after all, it's in USDGC Champion Nate Sexton's bag.
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