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Default Time to go Warp Speed

So I have been playing for about 3-4 years, fairly seriously the whole time. I went from minimalist noob (Teebird & Rhyno) to moldy noob (20+ molds) back to a minimalist learners bag (~8 molds.) Now I am less 'moldy' but I'm ready to start moving into warp speed drivers and would like some advice.

Currently I throw a lot of big hyzer flips but have almost no fast discs in my bag that I can release flat/anhyzer without burning into a cut roller. I rely heavily on my Valkyries and a fairly overstable Champ Glo Wraith for big distance shots.

I can throw 350-380' golf lines all day in about any shape. I can get the distance for throws between 380-420'; however, I'm finding I need a lot of ceiling to get that kind of D with most of my plastic. My max D without wind assist is a little over 450', but that is maybe 1 in 10 pulls still just on a big hyzer flip with a Valk or Eagle.

Also I do know I keep my bag a little overstable heavy, but that is mainly because I use a lot of overhand shots (including overhand rollers, potentially the most obnoxious shot in the world.)

Current setup in my Grip bag:

Wizard OG SSS @174g
Pro Rhyno @ 175g

Z Zone @ 174g
Z Buzz @ 173g
Z Comet @ 180g

Fairway Drivers:
Star Whippet @ 180g
11x Eagle-L @ 167g
CE Eagle-X @ 175g
12x Eagle-X @ 168g
12x Firebird @ 163g
12x Firebird (Flat-top) @ 175g (Overhand Roller)
Champ Glo TL (beat) @173g
Champ Glo TL @ 175g
2x Champ Leo (beat) @ 172g
Champ Glo Leo @ 175g

Distance Drivers:
CE Valkyrie-X @ 171g
4x Valkyrie @ 175g
Champ Valkyrie @ 175g
Champ Glo Wraith @ 173g
Star Max @175g (Overhand/Headwind)
Z Flick @ 148g (Overhand)
Z Flick @ 175g (Overhand)

With that in mind what kind of suggestions do folks have for getting into Warp Speed (or any other bag suggestions/comments?) I've tried a Rampage (2nd run blue) but it was super beefy even for a Rampage, just gave me huge hyzer lines but no turn at all. Champ Glo Destroyer @ 168g; however, it just didn't seem to have much glide after it turned and stood up.
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