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Default Grip Question - Thumb Forward vs Finger Forward

So Im trying to understand where your thumb is supposed to be and I think a big part of it is where you put your index finger. I tend to move my index finger forward which is kind of like the placement of the index finger on your right hand for a right handed golf grip where there is a space between the index and middle finger. This puts the joint at the base of distal phalanx in my thumb over the tip of my index finger. This is the pressure point where most of my index finger pressure is going toward the rim with some toward the plate, and the thumb pushing down on the plate like you are taking a thumb print.

Looking at pics of how to grip with the thumb forward concept, it appears to me it is more like the left hand in a right handed golf grip where there is no gap between index and middle finger. I think thumb forward disc grip is more thumb forward than the left hand on a golf grip. Here it looks like the joint at the base of the distal phalanx is forward of the tip f the index finger and slightly closer to disc center, so that the joint there is pushing down creating a depression forward and more centerward relative to where the index finger tip touches the plate.

Trying my interpretation of a thumb forward grip makes it feel more like Im gripping the whole side of the disc rather than just the rip point.

1) Is there supposed to be space between index and middle finger? Is the middle finger forward like the right hand in a right handed golf grip?

2) Shoudl you be pinching your disc between the base of the distal phalanx and index finger tip? Where should index finger pressure be applied? Toward the rim or plate? I currently have it about 60/40 favoring the rim. When I try a thumb forward grip this ration feels more 80/20.

3) Should the thenar eminence be touching the disc? I read somewhere it creates drag but also see people doing it. In my current grip I dont have this touching the plate. If I let it touch with a thumb forward grip you can really move your thumb forward far.

4) From a hand muscle standpoint, should it feel like you are putting more of the effort into pushing the thumb down? the thumb forward placement relative to my current grip makes if feel like much more pressure needs to be applied by the thumb.

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