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Heading out shortly for my third round of 2020.

The first round didnít go so well (+12 on a 21 hole course but Iím blaming some of it on crazy winds) and the second round wasnít much better on a smaller course with better weather. (Iím blaming a heavy dose of OB on that one.)

The course Iíll be playing today is hit or miss for me. Best round was -1 but I typically shoot +4 to +6. Going to try to play par golf and hope for a couple of birdies on the shorter holes and see how that works for me.

There are several shorter courses nearby but I donít find them overly challenging. Usually just play those as a single disc round with a P2 since none of the holes are much over 250 feet. Always shoot under par on those with my best score being-14.

With 350 being pretty much my max distance, I lean heavily on my Harp to take me from there to the basket but Iím taking it out of my bag today to try my new Discmania Tactic. Weíll see how that plays out for me.
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