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Default Bag critique/ overlapping molds

Looking for a little help with my bag set up im about a year into discgolf and at the biginning bought way to many discs and feel it is startting to hinder my progression. Im 29 male and can reach about 320 on a max distance. i throw mainly RHBH and i know i need to work on my form to throw farther i think if i trim down some discs i think i can improve on my consistency and form my goal is to reach 400 by the end of the year

In the bag right now

King tournement plastic 173g my max distance disc

Dystroyer. Philo 168g dont really throw it somtimes for forhand want to work up to it but mainly use it in field practice

CD3 s line 171g like it for straight throws that need more distance than my FD

Heat 172g Big Z use it for turnover shots or hyzerflips anything i want to go right

Anax. Esp 175g won this dosc have not thrown it much but seems to be a good headwind driver

Raptor z 174 meat hook disc

FD. 175g sline probably my best driver can hold so many lines and has awesome glide


Buzzz os z 175g flicks mainly or head wind mid

Buzzz esp 175 use it for straight shots

Wombat3 champion 175g probably most used mmid hyzerflip or anything to go right

Ringer gt jawbreaker 175g use as overstable and off the tee

Berg k3 174g same as ringer but it has way less glide so more of an aproach disc

And wizards 1 as my putting putter in hemp plastic and one as my driving putter in diamond
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