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Thatís a lot of different molds. Not that thereís necessarily anything wrong with that but Iíve really streamlined the discs I carry and feel my game has improved.

You list seven different molds for distance. I carry four molds and feel confident I can cover most shots and most distances. I do carry multiples of some of those molds.

I used to bag multiple mids as well but finally found one that can can cover just about anything I would want to do with a mid. Dead straight, sweeping hyzers, turnovers, all with one disc.

My putt and approach game is covered by two molds. Putt with P2ís, have an S-line P2 for straight, slight hyzer, or turnover approaches and drives, and a Harp for predictability and reliability or stronger hyzers than I can get from the P2.

I think having an understable driver, a stable to over stable driver, a neutral fairway like your FD, a do-all mid, a couple of driving putters/approach discs, and a putting putter or two is all a person needs. Maybe throw in some sort of utility disc if youíre so inclined.

Also, if you want big distance, I would suggest giving the Latitude 64 Bolt a try. Itís understable and sometimes predicting where it will land is kind of a crap shoot but it will get big distance. I wouldnít throw it in any kind of wind or on a tight fairway but if you have wide open space and plenty of room to land safely and just need distance the Bolt will bomb.
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