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Default Did some experimenting

So, I'm going to turn this into a little blog of learning to Simon.

I went to my closest course, little open field 9 hole course. Some trees in the way.

I watched Simon's creativity video shortly before a buddy asked me to go.

So. I'll post what I used to do, and what I did yesterday. (Keep in mind I'm a lefty)

Hole 1: 256' open shot.
Used To: Backhand a Hyzer flip Emac Truth.
Tried: Spike Hyzer with an F1.
Noticed: Spike Hyzer was more predictable, I imagine in spring I won't get the skips I do with the emac truth.

Hole 2: 311', small tree pack to the right.
Used to: Low backhand Hyzer shot with an Anax
Tried: big Force Flex forehand with a Zeus.
Noticed: Zeus held the Anny for about 250', then dumped around that 280' range. I think I'll stick with the Anax line for now until I develop higher velocity.

Hole 3: 200' Protected Basket
Used to: Spike Hyzer with a Rat.
Tried: Spike Hyzer with a Rat.
Noticed: If it ain't broke don't got damn fix it. Lol

Hole 4: 406', trees on right, OB Skating loop left and and Island green to make it interesting.
Used To: Flex forehand to place dead center, rat upshot and putt for birdie.
Tried: Hyzer line around a light pole, skip off the ice end up on the right side of the fairway, spike Hyzer onto the green, putt for 3.
Noticed: doing the skating loop skip line in winter is beneficial, the spike onto the "green" ensured no hard pack skip. My putting also is dog poop but that's another thread.

Hole 5: 265' straight ahead. Bushes and trees on right, OB Skating rink left.
Used to: Hyzer flip an Emac Truth
Tried: F1 on a Hyzer line, skip off the skating loop, park for a 2.
Noticed: nothing. Shanked it. Had to take the three and didn't have time to go back and re-attempt the intended line. Will try again once it warms back up.

Hole 6: 269' Trees right infront of tee, can either spyke Hyzer left around trees, or forehand right, get the skip off the path. UNTIL ...
Used To: Forehand Skip with an F1.
Tried: High Anny line right of the trees. Parked.
Noticed: Pretty dependable line, especially if the wind is coming right to left.

Hole 7: 295' Tree line to the right of teepad, somewhat protects a straight line to basket.
Used To: Send an Anax out flat and let it fade towards the basket.
Tried: High Anny line way right of the tee pad to try and get it coming back. It worked. Perfectly.
Noticed: Again a very dependable line, especially if the wind is right to left. Eliminating the potential of turning a Hyzer over. Good option

Hole 8: 246' Dead ahead. No need for anything crazy. OB fence on the right.
Tried and True: Most stable Emac Truth forehand to keep the fence out of play. Park it every time.

Hole 9: 411' Wide Open.
Tried and True: Anax initial drive, Rat Upshot, putt for 3.

In all, I tried these lines I probably never would have thought of until I noticed that my H5 wasnt coming back for me and I needed to throw higher. Now the higher lines I'm finding more appeasing and I'll be trying them more often than not no matter the course. It's got me thinking about a few different lines I want to try next time I go to the league course that may actually shave 3-4 strokes from a round. Hoping it works.
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