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Originally Posted by krupicka View Post
Sorry for the confusion: Player Card = leaderboard card. We have players sign the waiver on the leaderboard card. (and yes I know the waivers aren't really worth anything). It's more of a way of knowing if someone has checked in. Our events mostly sell out, so the leaderboard cards are already coded with where they go on the scoreporte and scorecards are preprinted. After players checkin, we put them up on the board in their preassigned locations. This allows me as a TD to quickly see if I have rearrangements that need to be done due to no-shows etc.
Originally Posted by Future_Primitive View Post
Around these parts its not uncommon to have two leaderboards. We set one out when we open with all the "Player Cards" (name, pdga#, ace/ctp and room for round score generated from DGS tourney page) in order by division. When players stroll up to the reg table they stop at that leaderboard to find their card, then bring it to the reg table to officially check in. The player signs and dates their cards (and pays if not prepaid) then brings that over to the merch/player pack table. The pick up their $15.00 merch credit for any item(s) they want and when done turn in their card which is placed in the second leaderboard.

Seems to work a little better than having a stack of cards on the reg table then having one of us working trifle through the pile to find their card. This way all the names on the Player Cards are easily viewable via Leaderboard and they can grab it on their way to the reg table so when at the table they are ready to go. We usually have 1-2 people working reg table, then 1-2 people working merch tables (3-4 in a row) and try to keep the TD free to answer questions and deal with any issues that pop up.

TL/DR - Player Card is the generated card from Disc Golf Scene for all players signed up for that tournament. Shows name, division, pdga#, has place for signature and date and the individual round scores.
Originally Posted by JC17393 View Post
I had the same question about "player card". I wasn't sure what that referred to. If it is the leaderboard/scoreport card, maybe it contains the event waiver? I know when printing such cards from Disc Golf Scene, it gives an option to have a waiver printed on the card. I never use it because I print my waiver on the sign-in/check-in list. They or I will be searching that list for their name anyway, might as well have them sign that as a way of verifying they are present and checked in (and agree to waive liability).

In my experience, where the registration/check in line gets bogged down is usually player pack distribution. If it's shirts/hats with sizing concerns or a selection of discs where players want to paw through colors and/or weights, there needs to be a separate table/area for that to happen. As a TD, I don't want three people in front of me all trying to find just the right stamp/color/mold combo for them while preventing other players from getting to me. So I try to keep the line moving and let the cluster happen 15-20 feet away from the check in table.
Krupika and Future - thanks for the clarification. I have never used DGS for event registration. DGU allows players to sign waivers while they are registering online so there is no need to do waivers at check in.

We do check in here more like JC does. We want the "fondlers" to be in a separate area. Otherwise the fondlers could hold up the check in line FOR-EV-ER while they gently caress and eyeball each and every disc in every color, foil style and weight before making a choice.
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