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So I changed my grip to be more standard I think. What I was doing is similar to what Uli does only I would take my grip and then adjust slightly so the back of the disc went below the crease in my hand while still staying under my first knuckle. This relieved some tension in my fingers and reduced the thumb pressure on the disc, and felt good as I would really be holding the disc with the thumb and index finger. If you try this, you'll feel it. You end up holding it mostly with a pinch of your thumbprint directly over your index on the flight plate. It feels like you have good control there and have nice range of motion in your wrist, but I think its wrong.

I make a large snap sound which people think sounds great but I think its slipping out like Feldberg talks about in one of his clinics. I think you end up pulling the disc with your index finger and don't have much thumb pressure or thumb push and end up snapping your index finger hard as it slips out.

So I went back to keeping it in the crease and that automatically changes my thumb position to be closer to the center of flight plate and makes it so my thumb is naturally applying more pressure to the flight plate and seems like it makes it less likely that the disc could come out nose up. It feels less natural to me but I think its correct and I just need reps to make it feel better. This adjustment also "feels" like your palm is a little more face down to the ground and that the wrist is more stable. It also is more aligned with when you see pros practicing a pull through with a closed fist, palm to the ground rather than palm perpendicular to the ground.
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