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A hammer will do. Really anything heavy that you can firmly hold in your hand is good. I've used a large roll of duct tape before.

As for SW, he's not hugging himself. He actually keeps his upper arm and shoulder angle quite wide compared to a lot of players (probably has something to do with his frame).

The key to not collapsing the upper body is locking in the upper arm and shoulder angle. That angle should stay at or above 90 degrees throughout the entire throw. There's quite a bit of confusion on what rounding really means. True rounding is when the disc comes behind your center of gravity in the backswing. Another type is when you start to try and pull wide rail and cross the disc across your body outside in (usually causes shanks to the right RHBH.) The other thing "rounding" refers to is the upper arm and shoulder collapsing (hugging yourself. I'm not really sure why people call this rounding, though.

Remember when trying to do wide rail, your still turning upright. I started "leaning into the wall" when I tried to pull wide rail, and it added more issues than it helped with.

Here's a little more explanation on pull lines from another thread:
I don't think it really matters where the disc starts as long as your hand isn't behind this line (towards your back in the backswing/actual rounding). The disc can travel inside->out (looks like rounding, but it's not), outside->in->outside (Doss), or straight down (I'm pretty sure Schusterick falls into this group.)

The one below shows the inside out trajectory of the disc really well.
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