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Default Plastic for trade - Saint, OLF, PD

New stuff added 1/25.

Looking for:

- 1.1 and 1.2 QOLFs (zipper tops and 150 class)
- San Marino Q Sentinels
- FAF Firebirds (Pref. Champ / Glo)
- San Marino BB Aviars
- Flat Top DX/KC Rocs

What I got:

All images here-

175g Star Teebird, Red, Tournament Stamp, 10/10, no ink
167g Champ Teebird, Yellow, Wiped Stamp, 7/10, ink on rim
175g Star Teebird, Yellow, Club Stamp, 9/10, no ink
175g Pro Wraith, Orange, 9/10, no ink
172g EcoStar Wraith, Orange, Huklab Stamp, 8.5/10, no ink
175g Champ Teerex X, Super Pearly, TRex dye, 7/10, no ink
180g DX Roc, Blue, 9/10, no ink
172g Champ Valkyrie, Orange, 9/10, no ink
(4) 175g Yeti Pro Aviars, 2 White, 2 Blue, all seasoned, 6/10
156g Blizzard Boss, Pink, 6/10, ink on rim
175g Champ Tern, Blue, Tournament Stamp, 10/10, no ink
168g Champ Krait, Red/Pink, 8/10, no ink
171g Champ Boss, Orange, Tournament Stamp, 9/10, no ink
171g Champ Boss, Yellow, Tournament Stamp, 10/10, no ink
171g Star Katana, Orange, Pumpkin Stamp, 8/10, due to ink on rim
136g Blizzard Katana, Blue, Tournament Stamp, 10/10, no ink
175g Star TeeDevil, Orange, Custom Dye, 9/10, ink on rim
175g Pro Beast, Yellow, 5.5/10, ink
174g Star SL, White, 8/10, no ink
175g EchoStar Archon, Orange, 9/10, no ink
171g Star Archon, Blue, 8/10, no ink
175g Champ TL+, Yellow, 8/10, due to ink on rim
176g DX Viper, Blue, 6/10, ink on flightplate
175g 10x Eagle X, X-Out, 8/10, no ink

175g S-PD, Yellow, Test-Configuration, 9/10, no ink
169g S-FD, Orange, 6/10, ink on rim

169g GL Halo, Blue, 6/10, lots of ink

172g Soft Proton Anode, Pink, 8/10, no ink
(2) Medium Proton Ions, Orange, 6/10, no ink

177+g Glo Buzz, 8.5/10, ink on rim
173g Cryztal Z Buzz, Red w/ wiped tourney stamp, 7/10, light ink on rim, flightplate
177+g ESP Ace Race Hornet, Pink, 7/10, ink on rim
169g Nuke SS First Run, Orange, 9/10, no ink
166g Z Flash, Red, Misprint, 9/10, no ink
173g ESP Flash, Red, Misprint, 9/10, no ink
164g Z Tracker, Yellow, Misprint, 8/10, ink on rim
172g Z X2, OOP, Orange, Stamp Gone, 7/10, light in on flightplate
177+ ESP Meteor, Orange, 7/10, ink on rim

171g SOLF, Tye Dye, 9/10, no ink

175g M Voodoo, X-Out, Red, 8/10, ink on rim

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