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Originally Posted by rjm35126 View Post

I'm pretty sure I throw less than 125 feet. Someone said the measurements at my course are off so I'm not exactly sure how far I'm throwing it regularly. Except 3 of the longest ones are difficult, especially the one that is uphill.

I already returned the cobra. I have not really tried using a putter for an entire round.

Its hard for me to believe that I'm too good for the franklins when I'm more often than not throwing less than 100 feet.
Especially when I tried 2 innovas and both seem less stable to me. (By which I mean less fading out at the end of a shot)

I'm sure my game has tons of flaws but its difficult to blame the discs. And after trying the others, I gravitate toward the Franklins as being more comfortable to my hand and less curvy at the end of the flight.

I don't think they have ever turned over on me because I cannot get enough distance for them to do that.
If you're topping out at 125' then you need to stay with really slow discs, putters and mid ranges primarily, maybe the slowest of drivers to help learn how to control nose angle. I would pick up a lid type disc like a Polecat, Rattler, Beetle, or even a larger diameter disc like a Zephyr and learn basic frisbee throwing fundamentals. Probably the best mid range I can recommend that will help you develop good form would be a Discraft Comet in X plastic. If you go into details about your physical profile (age, relative health, size, gender, etc) or best of all post a video of you playing, it will help the technique savvy forum goers like myself tailor some technique advice to you and help you improve much faster.
Originally Posted by rjm35126 View Post
I mis-stated the Buzz, its a Discraft ESP Surge 1.7 with an arrow pointing left. I thought it was 1.71. One guy told me that was way too much disc for a beginner. When I threw it, I didn't notice any improvement versus the franklins. But it wasn't as bad as the Skeeter.

At Walmart, it said about the Skeeter:
Straight flying
Versatile mid-range disc
Great beginner disc.

It mentioned dependable fade but for me, its premature fade. But, I was hoping for about a 160 but they sent 150. So I wonder if its too light for me ?

I never heard of most of those disc brands. I thought it was a fight between Innova & Discraft. I had someone give me a Dynamic Deputy which he said was a putter. Felt heavier than my Franklin. And Ive not had any complaints about my putter. My biggest issue is not being able to throw very far on drives. I have gradually increased though.
If a disc is fading too soon for you, it's almost assuredly not because the disc is too light. It sounds like you have really slow arm speed. It takes a requisite amount of speed to get practically any golf disc to fly as it's supposed to, otherwise they will fade out prematurely. There's a gazillion threads and a mere multitude of vids to help you better understand proper form, that's where you should start if you really want to learn to throw farther. Check the stickied threads in the Technique and Strategy sub-forum on here, that's a great place to start. Good luck.

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