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Ok, I went ahead & returned the Franklin discs $9.86+ tax.

So today, I played with 2 putters, I missed my rubber franklins but I'm also interested in playing for years to come.
(My 3rd disc, the Discraft ESP that I found, with no # and am willing to return) does not do any better than the putters for me.

Today was the first time I played with all putters and the only difference I noticed was on putts, they seemed to roll in the wrong direction whereas my Franklins rolled toward the goal.

But I returned the Franklins today, Gotta love Walmarts 90 days. Nothing particularly wrong with the set, I'm just tired of everyone telling me they are crap. Maybe they are, but I cant throw 120 feet consistently so the discs aren't my problem.

So, in a few days, I will have Innovas starter set. (Academy was cheaper than Amazon)

Plus, the bag I just paid $14.99 for is now on "clearance" for $9.98.

And the backback bag which has lots of great reviews at $34.99 is now $19.98. (The 8s signifying clearance)

I had a poor experience with academy online and I complained. Still, the next day I went and bought their $14.99 bag because I was tired of playing without water. (my 50 cent Walmart bag didn't have a place for the drink) A few days later, both went on clearance... $9.98 and $19.98)

So here I am with my new bag, which I like because I can carry my water, except I get an email from academy saying sorry that both our chat and our 800# didn't work, here is a 20% off code. But ONLY for online orders.

So I decided to go ahead and buy the Innova beginner set, which I hope will last me a year. 20% off makes them $15.99 plus tax.

I also bought the backpack bag, not because I really wanted it but because I think they will quit carrying it when they sell out.
And 20% off $19.98 is just $15.98+ tax. (I can return my original $14.99 bag as I have my receipt)

I'm not 100% sure if "clearance" means forever or it just means the summer is nearly over. A kid at the store seemed to think Clearance was before they quit carrying the item forever.

My $14.99 bag, which is now $9.98, seems fine to me up until today when I tried to play with only 3 discs. My water kept falling over. The bag needs 6-7 discs to keep from falling over with a 20oz plastic water bottle.

I sure hope I like the Innovas. (Academy did not carry the discraft starter set)

Anyway, I appreciate all the answers.

I probably wont become a professional in the next 3 months so the bigger bag will probably be going back. Unused.

But, I ordered it because I wont be getting another 20% off code either way.

A combination of bad weather and poor sleep habits kept me from playing for a week or so. Until today.

Hopefully, I can manage at least 5 x a week going forward. (Retired and hopeful I can lose another 10-15)

I'm 6-6, 200. 54 years old. And prior to starting disc golf recently, I never learned how to throw a Frisbee let alone discs.

I guess I must have a really slow arm.

I'm not a muscleman, that's for sure.

I saw an older man playing last week and he was carrying ONE disc, no water and was running between holes.

Id probably like to work up to something like time. I just dropped 15+ pounds and I don't want to overdo it at my age..54.
(Prior to disc golf, I sat in my comfortable recliner and ate a lot. Ive found that 45-60 minutes of disc golf per day really seems to help reduce my appetite)

So I'm glad I started. I just hope I learn to like the innova starter set which should be here Wed or Thurs.

I also hope I will KEEP playing 5-6 times a week. Getting off by duff regularly is more important than becoming "good".

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