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Originally Posted by DoWork View Post
By far the most perplexing part of this. They are such a clean brand, I wonder what someone on the inside would view as their biggest hurdle.

Also I wonder how many baskets they’ve sold because I’m seeing a ton of them around now.
I heard they were trying to put a bunch of baskets on courses kind of as a marketing technique. But wow, these baskets like to spit. Looking at the design, it makes sense they spit pro and am side. That's fine though because you know to "put it on the pole". But they spit right back at you also. I literally saw a guy throw a slow putt at a prodigy basket (from 5ft) and it hit the pole and bounce out. Then he exaggerated his slowness in the next putt (from 5ft) and it spit out right back at him without hitting the pole.

I've liked the prodigy discs I've thrown, but those baskets are crap.

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