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Originally Posted by joshuajames View Post

The one thing I don't think you mentioned in the video, was whether you feel this bag is a value at $230?

What's your thoughts on the quality and features of the bag at this price point?
For the bag and rain fly I paid $257.
I think it is an excellent value at this price.
There are not many bags right at this price point to compare against, and only 2 that I have owned and tested. Those 2 being the Gorilla Boy Simian and the Pound Carlton.
So if we are talking value compared to bags at the same price point then I think the Grip AX4 is the best value of these 3.
The Carlton is more comfortable on the back, the Simian is an amazing comfortable seat, the AX4 is the best overall layout and design for good usable item storage and simple straightforward disc storage.
The Simian and Carlton a very unique in their design and they will have a well deserved following because of this uniqueness. The AX4 is a workhorse that does it all(not a great seat) and is now more comfortable than before.
The grip bags remain the easiest to recommend to the average player.
If they go on sale and get closer to $200 then its an insane value.

What bag is better in almost every way? The Octothorpe. Its an extra $50 to $150 over the AX4 so I cant really include it in the same value comparison but the Octo is NICE!

Hope this helps

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