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Originally Posted by jubuttib View Post
Hopefully it'll beat into neutral.
I don't have one yet, but I'm already beating it in mentally.

The overstability/bead does not scare me. Honestly, if there was one thing I am missing in my otherwise complete Ion lineup is one that behaves more overstable for wind/holding tighter hyzers. I would LOVE a big bead Ion.

I've gone on and on before about hating beads, but the Ion showed me that it wasn't really beads I had a problem with, it was the extra couple of mms of depth that it tends to add to discs. Most Wizards, big bead Aviars, and Rocs are too deep and have too tall of a rim to fit into my hand comfortably (I have slender fingers and a somewhat unconventional grip). Anyone who has thrown an Ion can tell you that although the spec measurements place it's height among those other big beaded discs I mentioned, in the hand it feels much shallower due to the overmold. I anticipate the Vector to be similar. That picture and the specs show it as a fairly high profile disc, but it won't feel that deep in the hand due to the overmold.