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i fully support your efforts. i think that there are lots of courses out there that could be slightly tweaked, designated as "super-class only", and enjoyed safely by a very wide range of players. i know that it's impossible to force all players to adhere to the super-class standard, but if most do, then the course has been made much more safe than it was before.

i must, however, give you some grief for this comment:

Originally Posted by DSmith View Post
As far as the baskets go they are the pre 2000 Mach III (no-frills). So moving them If I have too will be a pain in the behind since new parts wont fit on them and they are directly cemented into the ground.

Note to future course installers, Opt for the deluxe baskets please. Then you can at least move them if you have too otherwise you'll probably end up buying new baskets down the line.
that's small potatoes for getting to exercise your creative energies with a design project. sounds like you're gonna start to earn some designer chops.
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Yeah Denny, it'll definitely be an exercise in creativity. I really want to keep as much of the original layout as possible which shouldn't bee too hard due to 'immobile" baskets. The other thing is the number plate facing toward the old tee area. I should be able to tweak the course without too much disturbance.
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The orgional course at WKU was a 150 gm course, posted on rules and each hole.
No matter, as the students threw what was in their bag.
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I don't think taking a 150 Boss to the face will hurt much less than a 175.
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