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Default Backhanded Help Needed

I've been an avid flyer for about a year now and have recently started working on my back hand driving. My fiance pointed out to me last night that when I throw I look stiff and that she thinks I'm not comfortable (this is true). I've played golf and baseball most my life and my stance is opposite than when I try to drive a disc. At times I feel like I'd be better off throwing left handed instead of with my right, just due to the motion and comfort I get (it feels a lot better) but I'm hesitant in doing this being a righty and am afraid I'll do more damage than good. My mid-range and putting feels natural and good, I'm having a hard time in deciphering what to do and how to help ease this transition. Do I switch and attempt to drive left handed or how do I help my body transition the motion to the other side?

Any tips or recommendations would be greatly appreciated on how to make this happen.
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I just started working on my backhand as well. I fell stiff and not as flowing as other ppl. I have been training with a player and he said the smooth will come. Work on your feet and when your feet are right your throw will be right.

Continue to throw right handed. I played softball for 6 years and have always thrown a thumber for my drive so I lined up on the left side of the t box. Now throwing backhand I am turned sideways on the box facing the other direction.

I know where you are coming from. Continue to practice and that's where the smoothness will come in. Good Luck!
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Also watch the Beato vids on YT.

Srsly though, I'm a lefty and I do everything but putt right-handed. Ain't no big deal, and I can certainly say ɥɔnɯ ooʇ dn ǝɯ pǝssǝɯ ʇ,usɐɥ ʇı.
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There's nothing that says you can't throw with your left hand, and I would experiment with it. The one thing to keep in mind is that when you really start getting distance, coordination in your throwing hand becomes important. The timing required to get a good hit is hard to do with your off-hand. Backhand drives feel awkward to everybody at first.
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Repetitive athletic motions like driving a golf ball, swinging a bat, throwing a disc, etc. will cause an imbalance in strength and flexibility over time (*cough* Joe Mauer *cough*). You're probably feeling the effects of that. Your best bet is to work on restoring balance and coordination in your body with a personal trainer or through yoga or something similar. I've been doing a lot of it over the past year and a half and its effects have been nothing short of miraculous...

As far as disc throwing mechanics, there is a wealth of information available on discgolfreview.com in the technique section. Posting a video of yourself throwing here or there will be the best way to get useful feedback.
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My FH was natural to me from playing baseball and football. BH however was atrocious and totally awkward. It's taken a lot of time to develop decent BH footwork but totally been worth it even after breaking my leg. It's easiest to start with a standstill or one step and then work the x-step in later. Do some ball golf drills lefty.
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I've played baseball and golf most of my life also. Started baseball when I was 4 and golf when I was 8. I'm left handed, but since I played baseball and golf it felt natural to throw with my right hand. Just because you're a certain hand dominant doesn't mean you have to stick to that hand with everything you do.
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