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Originally Posted by deBebbler View Post
Doesn't In-Flight in East Lansing still sell discs? They used to have a ton of them. Bought my first three discs and my first bag from them.

Great courses over that way, and In-Flight was always a fun stop. Ignore the fact that they are listed as a headshop.
Thats what i was gonna suggest i was there the other day. They have tons of innova, a few lat64 and millenium. But mainly innova. Then theres a two dunhams one in frandor and the other in the lansing mall. We got the haven on both sides of town and i think theres one in holland? Dont quote me on that. Then we got DJ from ccr at Grand woods everyday from around noon till around 6 or 7. He has any and everything you could want and every friday he sells whatever finders he has that havent been claimed( he gives around a week to claim your discs before selling). Theres a few places around lansing east lansing to check out
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The Throw Shop is awesome, too bad their course is kind of boring compared to say Cass Benton.
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Originally Posted by Todd Wiley View Post
I haven't been able to visit very many shops around MI, but from what I have seen, Hyzer's (near Grand Rapids) has an excellent used disc selection.
Hyzer's is the destination for seeking used plastic, its insane. plus the guy held a tournament at johnson park last year, the tourney disc was custom store logo stamp on white Z buzzz's How can you not agree with that?

if your in the GR area also check out
Spinskis place over by brewer park. very legit, they got everything.
Friskis shop over by lamar park, dudes a cool guy. i always buy from him.
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No used discs, and certainly not the depth of selection of CJ's or Throw Shop, but Holden's party store by Kensington is worth a stop if you're down to play Black Locust. The store is on Milford Rd, just south of the park entrance.
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Originally Posted by fishmich View Post
up in the air disc golf is a nice store in waterford. they have a large used selection(including many collectibles and rarer stuff on the wall). they also have a good selection of new stuff most of the time. i say most of the time because they are pretty busy. they get big orders in and people buy stuff pretty quick. they carry just about every brand i can think of at least some of the time. they also have clothing and other equipment.

karma junky is ran by a really cool guy named paul. it is located in his machine shop behind the buffalo wild wings in grand blanc. he always has a good selection of the big names and at least some of the lesser knowns. he also has some used stuff and other equipment at good prices.

both shops are worth checking out.
Yeah Ive been in Up in the Air, that where I got the 2 disc I have. They're a little low right now, but they have a big order coming Saturday I think he said.

They do have a decent amount of used discs, but I dont know the prices seemed high? I'm just starting out so if that seems off I'm sorry. Cool people in there though. Wish they had some TM Lat 64s, they dont right now.

I would love to check out Karma Junky, problem is his hours, I work until 5 and there is no way I can get to GB by 6. I'm not gonna call the guy for an appointment just to browse his store either. Maybe the next time I have a holiday off or something, assuming he doesn't take those. Sucks because hes pretty close to me too.

Lasing isn't that bad but honestly if I'm driving to Lansing, I going to drive to AA or Ypsi instead. Its closer. I dont really have any other reason to go to Lansing, well maybe Crunchys, I can do tons of stuff in Ypsi and AA.

I definitely need another excuse to drive to GR too lol.

I strongly feel a trip to the throw shop coning on though that's for sure. If not this Sunday then, probably next Saturday.....just as long as Im not broke by then which is a good possibility.
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Tom & Dick's Grocery in Petoskey, MI sells a nice selection of Innova, Discraft, Discmania, and MVP. They also have lights for night golf.

Check them out if you come up north.
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