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I suggest field work before rounds. Rounds just cause heartache when you're new. Field work is just practice. I suggest bringing someone with you who knows a little bit to help you work on your flaws. Me and my brother watched the same videos a ton, then we went out for field work and were helping each other out. I guess I lucked out getting to start with someone. Instead of jumping in way behind.
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1 : dont do that grip. It looks terrible. Stick with improving on your power grip. With all fingers, not just two. Two finger power grip is for adding distance at the cost of control. ( yes, you said that for you it feels the other way around. Just shows that you need more practice )

2 : practice is for improving, playing rounds is for fun and showing off what you learned during practice.

3 : Field work is realy where it is at. I suggest doing more of that, till you feel like you are getting somewhere. Work on keeping the nose down on your backhand.

4 : sidearm is also a useful shot, I would practice both. It does not realy matter if you become a FH or BH dominant player, as long as you can do both to a degree that you are happy with. You will need both shots during a round.
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A ton of new players find the same issue that you're finding. Every friend I play with who plays casually throws almost exclusively sidearm, but all of my better friends are backhanders. If you want to be a well rounded player, work on both. I threw backhand at the very beginning, then switched to sidearm drives. A few months in I was told that backhands go farther (every distance record has been set backhand for a reason), so I focused exclusively on my backhand shots for a few more months. Then one day, just for fun, I threw sidearm again and outdrove myself by a good 30'. Needless to say, I was PISSED. But I kept working on my backhand form, and I get longer shots backhand now. It takes a ton of work (take the advice of others to do field work), but it's worth it when you start "dominating". Don't give up on the forehand though. It has its uses as well. Work on both and see what feels right. Get back to me in a year.
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I drive mostly sidearm, and I can stretch it pretty far. That being said, a backhand just offers so many more options. I can do a hyzer flip forehand, but it's sketchy. I can nail it everytime backhand. Hyzer spikes and big annys are also difficult when throwing forehand. But if you have a right dogleg (like holes 11 and 13 at my home course of Cumberland Green) throwing forehand is easily the best shot to make it.

The big downfall to throwing sidearm is it can tear up your elbow when you start to get a lot of power.

But it took me years to get my backhand down. Don't give up! Lots of practice, and soon you'll be ruling the course!
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Well it sounds like I will continue to work on my BH!

Just posted in the bag feedback forum, my plan of attack is to work on the stacked fan/fork grip and play 1-disc rounds for the next few days (Aviar/Cobra/Cyclone).

Thanks y'all!
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Originally Posted by FrigYallHos View Post
Also a big field and a good supply of plastic will make a distance thrower out of anybody
Couldnt agree more. Field work, field work, field work. I have spent many an afternoon in an empty soccer field just bombing discs toward a goal, walkin down to that end, and then bombing em back at the other goal. I'll go down and back using LHFH and then switch to LHBH on the next down and back. When that gets old, I switch to other throwing styles, thumbs, tomahawks, whatever feels fun at the moment.
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