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In regards to the comments about Climo saying that anything outside of 25' is a bonus, that is one thing that really will positively affect your game. I practice jump putts all of the time, and sometimes I make a few, but for several months I had not made any in tournament play. Then one day, I hit three 60' plus jump putts that gave me a huge confidence boost and I had one of the best tournament days of my life. Everyone on here has pretty much given you the answers. You just have to put it into practice.
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Love to putt.

I genuinely enjoy putting, especially jump putting. I view it as a puzzle that needs to be solved, a number of pieces need to be put together in the correct order to succeed in the challenge, I get excited for it. It's a trait I've noticed of my friend Ross (US Putting Champion), an incredible jump putter. He genuinely gets excited as he's approaching a long putt with an exclamation of "Jumper! " When I approach a putt with this attitude I've made a commitment to go for it in my mind, I have a positive attitude knowing that I can do it, have done it many times in the past, and will continue to do.

One of my biggest tournament downfalls is approaching a putt with the attitude of "Oh I hope this goes in" never going to work...
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I would say don't gun it, you don't have to laser it in from sixty feet. When I'm sixty feet out I "float" my putter out with slow arm speed and almost no snap. This requires a high ceiling as you throw it up and let the disc fall flat toward the basket. I like this because if I miss the disk lands flat and stops next to the basket for an easy putt.
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Just like when you release the disc well on a drive but it hits a tree, you can tell if it felt right.
Sometimes putts are poop out of the hand but manage to go in.

My point is that if your gonna practice long putts, worry more about your sessions focus then your percentage.
As mentioned before, a beat or maybe lighter putter helps. I found the best time spent was on leg & hip shift along with release angle & "window framing".
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I thought of another point I wanted to add re "lasering." I always tell people who ask me about my putt that the most important aspect is the purity of the line. I aim at a center link, and I run right for that sucker. This is also how I jump putt from inside 50 feet or so. I don't aim right (I'm a RH putter), I don't aim high and right to float it back, etc. I aim right at that link and never divert from that line. The trick is to put enough velocity on the disc that it will make it to the basket without fading left. If your line is true, you will hit metal 95% of the time inside 50 feet, which is about what I do. Sometimes I shoot a bit low and get basket and sometimes I don't put enough on the disc and it fades and splashed left-side chains. Either way, putt with confidence and perfect your line (from all distances). That way if you miss, you're still hitting metal and dropping in on the next shot.
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