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You also live in PA
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Originally Posted by DiscNutt123 View Post
Every time I've ordered from MSt I've got exactly what I wanted and it's in my hands in two days. Marshall Street will continue to get my business!!

Ill second that sentiment!!!!
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Same here! I just placed my second order in. Can't wait for all my tasty midranges
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I agree with everyone on the 2 day shipping. I have ordered from Marshall Street many times and have always been happy. Maybe I've just been lucky and they have always had the discs I need but great customer service, fast shipping, huge inventory, and the best prices are the recipe for a succesful business. Marshall Street has it all. I also feel (even though I've never met anyone there) like were friends when I call. I've had personal emails sent to me from them. Nice little touches. Discnation and Clearwater are instantly off my list simply because of price. I know people have to make money but there is a line between profit and butt rape. I'll use GGGT as a second and DGV or Dynamic Discs for the rare sweet discs they carry.
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Originally Posted by ridestreet84 View Post
gotta say for my first order with them i am not impressed, ordered thrusday night, got an email saturday saying they were missing a disc in my order, only now to find out they will not be shipping it til tuesday. very disappointed.
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I had a good first order, shipped fast, no problem. My second order I got a bizzard x-out wraith that had a boss x-out sticker on the top (I ordered a blizz x-out boss). I notified the guys at Marshall and they didn't have the weight I ordered but they let me pick an x-out blizz Boss from what they had left. I told them to double check to see if they didn't the other Bosses mislabeled. I liked he wraith and offered to buy the boss i wanted but it wasn't available so i went with what was left.

I got a notification within a couple hours stating that my package was on the way, but no tracking was chosen, and it was sent first class. Well, this worried me a bit because I have the worst mail carriers- misdelivering mail, opening packages, folding up college diplomas into our small town-home sized community mailboxes... I didn't see my package in three days and I got worried.

I asked MST if they sent the package and they said they sent it on 10/2. Well, on 10/6 I still didnt have the package and I joked with MST about expecting to fiind he discc folded in half in my mail box. Well, I checked my mail on 10/9 and sure enough there was my package, crammed into the mail box. I took a pic and made a video of the unboxing. I was really upset with USPS then! When i looked at the disc, i saw the blizz boss sticker with barcode from MST on the top, but when I turned he disc over, it was ANOTHER BLIZZARD WRAITH! These x-outs weren't mislabeled by Innova, as I recieved a 166 blizz boss from Mst on my second orderand I sent photos of what I recieved with all three discs with pennies on their rims to show that I've gotten two Wraiths now when I should have gotten blizz Bosses. They really need to put their own stickers on the bottom of the disc to make sure that it matches what innova puts on them. I mean, don't put a boss sticker when the disc is clearly labeled "WR."

I sent Mst an email yesterday but I think they're undergoing some winter hanges so I'll be patient. It just sucks that I got the wrong disc, Mst tried to make it right by sending me a replacement, USPS craps on that good senitment, and hen I get the wrong disc again! I guess no more x-out blizz bosses for me from Mst.... aside from all that my experience from MST has been good.
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Default discs

I want more discs guess where I am ordering from tomorrow.....
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pyramids is a nice course
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Wont order from Marchall street again.. I ordered 2 MVP Neutron discs from them and when they arrived they were both stuffed tightly into a plastic bag that "taco'd" the discs so bad that they still dont sit flat on a flat surface... this is stupidity at its max.

NEVER ordering from Marshall Street again.

On the other hand, DiscGolfCenter made sure to send the neutron discs i ordered from them in a box with peanuts so the discs couldn't be damaged/warped in any way.. this made me VERY happy.

Marshall street doesn't know how to package discs to prevent warping/damage/etc..
this is incompetence/ignorance at its finest.
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??? That is pretty disappointing.

But I can't imagine that an MVP disc would hold a taco warp. The overmold is pretty rigid and resilient. Then again, I've only got experience with Proton plastic.

My orders from DGC have had crumpled brown paper more as a space filler than protection.
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