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Originally Posted by Oldmanplayin View Post
Blizzard plastic is especially bad for newbies and even unseasoned players. You will learn bad habits!!!! Yes you can throw it farther but if you learn to throw real plastic it will help in the long haul. I have tried blizzard and threw it the firepit. After you learn to toss regular plastic then, maybe, try some blizzard, it is all too flippy and inconsistant. Just toss lighter weights of your favs if you want more D. My 2cents......
Actually it is the opposite. You need to throw with clean form with these discs, if you cannot "pull through the target" with a smooth throw the Blizzard discs will not perform.
If you have clean technique you might actually gain more distance with your regular weight drivers as well as the extra D from Blizzard plastic.
Yes if you can't get the right arm speed then traditional drivers are the key.
I throw both max weight Star and 150 Blizzard Destroyers and the 150 Blizzards are almost as stable and the 175s. I have a 136 Blizz D and it is a killer RHBH Sky-Anny/roller disc. I don't use it for anything else.
So far I have been very impressed with both the Wraith and Destroyer in Blizz.
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A few random thoughts about Blizzard:

1) Inconsistent, but if you get the right disc you can bomb it. If you are going to buy just 1 you are rolling the dice

2) Great for easy distance. What I mean by easy distance is that you have to put less effort into the throw. That doesn't mean you will suddenly add 50 ft. to your max drive, because if you are throwing these will full power and your form isn't 100% clean you will probably end up flipping it over.

3) Flight ratings on them are meaningless. I have a 141g Wraith that tracks to the right the entire throw when I get a nice clean rip, it has almost no low speed stability. Flies far though! My max distance I have ever gotten on any Blizzards I have thrown on a golf line is a 148g Blizzard Boss. It has good stability and I have only ever flipped it once.

4) I would recommend something in the mid 140's for round play. If you are in a distance competition and get multiple throws then the 130's may give you higher peak potential, but your throws will be wildly inconsistent and you need a ton of room for them to work. If you are in the 150's then there is no point in the Blizzard because you can get DX discs that light. So the 140's is the sweet spot.
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My Blizz wraith @ 146g flies just like my DX wraiths only goes about 50 ft farther. It is susectible to high winds but for the most parts hold its stability. It is a bit touchy on the release angle...If there is any bit of Anny angle on it it will turn over for the duration of the flight but if thrown flat will perform as it should. If it catches a good tailwind just toss it out and watch it fly for ever

I typically only use my blizz discs when playing on short teepads, in places where i need distance but i am obscured behind my lie by obstacles, or throwing uphill while standing on the upslope. I can get my usual distance just by taking one step and a casual release as opposed to my usual long run up and full power release.
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^^^this has been my experience as well.

As much as I'm loving my 148 DX Wraiths and 160-169 DX Wraiths,Destroyers,and Bosses, I do like to have a little bit more durability when there's lots of trees around. This is why I've started getting Blizzards and Pro plastic. I've got a pretty clean release, and since I've only been playing a few months, my arm still remembers it's "noodle" power, and so I can still power-down effectively.
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From what I've seen blizz boss performs. All other molds beat in upon a few tree hits.

Now that they are making blizz discs heavier (160's) they wear even better, and they are grippy. I have a 162 boss that resists turn like a star boss.
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