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Originally Posted by barneco View Post
Fairway shark, nice!

Question, since it sits horizontally, how do you keep the garbage "juice" from dripping out of the side? Even emptying every can I pick up, after 18 holes, there's enough dribble accumulation to be significant. Does the shark keep it fairly contained?
no noticeable dripping.
If you look closely, you'll see the hinged release lid open top down. That helps. Easy to pop it open and "feed the shark" without taking off the shoulder, or have another player throw something in. Also the snap on lid piece has the brim which would keep the front end up a little on flat ground. However, I know hardly any of us play on perfectly flat ground, so we're consciously or unconsciously setting our regular bags down in favorable ways to the slope. No different here.

an interesting observation on weight centering - When empty the weight is certainly in the posterior, leading to a "nose up" position of the shark. A little bit awkward and manageable with the shoulder strap, but the weighting gets better the more you pick up with the center of mass moving more and more to centered and balanced. Half full is really balanced.

I'm becoming more careful with dealing with broken glass pick up. Cut glass cuts (right), so it will perforate the can liner bag, so indeed you'd end up with some "juice" after removing the liner. I now find other ways to deal with broken glass if I can help it.

I keep extra black trash bags in a gallon ziplock in the can before I put on a liner bag, so I have extras ready to go if needed. Ive done some rounds doubled bagged, and some with the regular heavy duty style pictured and it doesn't seem to make much difference.
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