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I didnt watch the vids but from your friends post the easy answer is clear:

Learning a clean, smooth throw is crucial for consistancy and competition but learning to use and control oat is a skill too.
Some steps in dg are 2 back for 1 forward.

Theres nothing wrong with throwing a big torqued over anny flex instead of a h flip if the hole calls for it...as long as you can still throw clean shots as well.
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Default tips

Pull through looks ok. You need to plant your heel and lock your knee, then rip the disc away. Quit bending your knee and planting your toes then following the disc. Your pushing instead of ripping. Look at Youtube and search (Avery Jenkins dives in slow motion). It's a good form to practice and compare to yours.

Don't give up. I was up to 425' and started trying some new things that sent me back to 250' instead of gaining. I had to practice my original form all over again to get the memory back into to my muscles and regain my distance. Still not back to 425 though, but much more accurate than before.

Good luck
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Simple. Round golf. Your swinging your arm out because your turning your torso with your arm. You want to have your arm pull thru the line an when fully extended you open up the rest of your upper body. The follow thru. What your doing now is not giving your disc any arm speed and not generating the right snap for the disc. Learn to lead with the arm, keeping the disc close to your chest, getting into te pocket(the space that your arm creates when you are coming thru.) this generates the power and snap, also allowing all the speed generated to go to the disc and its flight.
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You're not throwing through your core power. For training, stand up as straight as you can without bending over at all. Throw with a super slow run-up while maintaing a strong posture. Your limbs are at their strongest and most ready when posture is correct. While standing strong and balanced then reach back and simply do the lawnmower pull. Don't worry about the finer points of technique yet.

You're not even throwing at 25% of your real power. THink slowly about what you're doing.
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